Patriot's commitment to safety is a top priority for management, field employees, and sub-contractors on every job site. As a company, Patriot adheres to the most strict and safe practices within the industrial and civil construction sector. We are in full compliance with all government safety classifications and client safety prerequisites prior to the start of any job.
We pledge to "NEVER" compromise safety for the sake of schedule or cost.
Patriot's safety culture provides guidelines for safety and addresses the elimination, control, and strategies for dealing with hazards that come with civil construction work. The program is continually up-dated to ensure that all measures in place are current and safeguards our employees and clients interest. 

Patriot's commitment to safety is built into the company's processes and is practiced and reinforced throughout the organization. Through careful planning, consistent training, and dedication from leadership, Patriot actively prioritizes safety on a system-wide and day-to-day basis.